Levinson Brothers Engineers

When professionalism meets reliability

Levinson Brothers Engineers established  1930, and since then is importing, selling and providing after sales support to a verity  of  selected brands in the construction and mining industry . The group is composed of two main daughter companies: Israel Engines & Trailers and Movilim White & Cummins


The company provides solutions in five main fields:

  • Industrial diesel engines – for a wide variety of applications, ranging from 56 hp to 3,500 hp.
  • Automotive  engines an vehicles
  • Diesel generator systems – in a wide variety of power levels and applications.
  • Marine engines – main engines, for propulsion to activation of secondary systems.
  • Cranes – mobile cranes, hydraulic cranes and mechanical cranes.
  • Agricultural equipment.

Naturally, the company provides all support services needed for the operation and maintenance of these products – beginning with usage instruction and spare parts, through guarantee and repairing services.

The Levinson Group is the exclusive representative in Israel of the world's leading companies in its various fields of activity – Cummins Inc, Cummins Power Generation (Onan), Grove ManitowocTower Lights,  LeTourneauCessna , and KUHN. The company also holds the 90002000 certification of the Standards Institution of Israel.


In order to ensure the highest level of service, the company is managed on an ERP system that includes all the company's divisions:

  • Sales department – our sales representatives will always be there to answer your question or refer you to the appropriate address.
  • Main and secondary maintenance facilities – providing solutions to any mechanical problem, specifically specializing in hydraulics and computerized control systems. The company's technical setting is one of the most professional in Israel.
  •  Mobile mechanic maintenance and repair services.
  • Nation wide service trough  – private  workshops certified as our representatives, for the end user  convenience.
  • Project management – dealing especially with energy and generators.
  • Import and logistics systems.
  • Service managers – responsible for professional backup and keeping in touch with both manufacturers and customers.
  • Training  – for operating and upkeep of purchased products.
  • Engineering – consultation and advanced solutions for specific modifications, when needed.


Founded 84 years ago, The Levinson Group has since been growing and gathering invaluable knowledge and experience, the results of which are evident today. On top of this solid base, the company is committed to the values of technological progress and ongoing innovation. The other main asset which the company is proud of, which contributes as much to its stability, is the human   resources.  On the one hand, the company employs senior, long time employees, who keep the experience and tradition, and on the other, young, new employees, that bring with them new energies, understandings and the ability to always stay in touch with new technological advancements.

The combination of the wide experience together with the never-ending innovation enables the company a wide and multi-dimensional range of activity possibilities, giving it stability that can create progress and prosperity for a long long time.